Headstone Inscriptions and Epitaphs: How Should You Personalize the Design?

27 December 2016
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Coming up with a suitable headstone inscription and epitaph can be a daunting and stressful process for family members. It is a good idea to wait for some time before designing a headstone so that you can choose a design and message that suits your loved one. Read on for some helpful tips that can help you get started on determining the suitable inscription and epitaph for your loved one's headstone.

Keep it short and simple

Less is more when it comes to inscribing a headstone. Sometimes all you need is the name and years that your loved one lived. If you wish to include a personalized message with the details, make sure that it is short and precise. You can do this by determining the kind of message that you want to convey and finding words that can summarize it in the sweetest way possible. Here are some general tips that you can utilize when coming up with an inscription:

  • The inscription should be suitable for reading by other generations in the future, and if possible, choose a message that speaks to everyone.
  • It should be tasteful and inoffensive.
  • It can be quoted from literary sources such as religious books, songs, poems, or other literature that the deceased loved.

Choose a suitable headstone design

The headstone design that you select can convey more than the words inscribed on it. Design, in this case, refers to the shape, texture, inscription and symbols used on the headstone. For example, you can use a smooth texture that invites people to touch the headstone and feel its warmth. The soothing feeling can bring the much-needed comfort and assurance that may not be found from reading the inscribed message.

Explore alternative headstone designs such as curved rather than rectangle shapes or flat as opposed to the standard upright design to add a personal feel to it. You can also choose a unique design that conveys a personalized message about your loved one. Coupled with a heartfelt message, an appealing tombstone design can bring tremendous peace and comfort to the family every time they visit the grave.

Consider the material you want

Selecting a quality material for a headstone goes a long way in ensuring its durability and appeal. You don't want to be constantly replacing the headstone due to the poor quality of the material. Materials such as granite, marble, limestone and other natural stone can be used. Also, consider polishing or finishing the headstone to add visual appeal to it. When choosing a material, go for one that requires minimal maintenance to preserve its beautiful look.

Have these tips in mind when designing a headstone for your loved one. Also, make sure that you assess the quality of work delivered by a contractor before hiring them to create the headstone.