Line marking: 5 areas where they are applied

30 December 2016
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Line marking plays an important role in providing directions and hints for various users. From roads to basketball or tennis courts, there is a wide variety of applications of line marking. The following are some of the areas where line marking is applied, and the associated benefits.

Road Line Marking

Road line markings are an important safety precaution for all roads, both in highways and in residential areas. These lines give people directions and show drivers their designated areas or lanes to drive. Bikers or cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers all have their areas clearly marked by the lines. Trespassing designated lines poses a danger to the trespasser and other road users. In the absence of the road line markings, it is difficult for any road users to identify their right place on the road without putting their life in danger.

Factories and Warehouses

Often, these locations have heavy machineries moving around the location. In addition to these machineries and trucks, there are also other users who use cars, or walk on the pavements. In such scenarios, it is important to clearly define where each of these groups can pass. Line marking can reduce accidents in these locations.


In learning institutions, line marking is mostly use in playgrounds. Through these lines, children can play their favourite games. In this application of line marking, the aim is not necessarily to prevent physical injuries. Rather, the lines are used to facilitate the playing of the games, by showing the location of the playground and drawing lines for playing. Also, line marking can be used to show safety walkways within the school.

Car Parks

Line marking can be used to design private car parks, directing drivers on where and how to park. The parks can be designed to suit the individual needs of the client or residents of a neighbourhood. In addition, line marking can be used to draw disabled signs. The signs, for instance, show where a user with a wheelchair can pass through.

Sports Courts

There are some sports which cannot be played without clearly marked lines. Take basketball, for instance, or tennis. In basketball, line marking is a necessity, showing areas for free-throws, boundaries for three points and two points, and a halfway line dividing the court into two sides. Without these lines, playing the game will be chaotic – no rules are applicable without the line marking. As such, these lines help players play a game that is more organized.