Garage Construction: Roofing Styles You Could Contemplate For Your Structure

11 January 2017
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Your roofing is not simply a functional aspect of your structure. It also plays a significant impact on the aesthetic of your residence, therefore your choice of style can have an effect on the overall kerb appeal of the property. Moreover, the type of style you choose can also influence how efficient your roof is at withstanding the elements. If you are constructing a garage, the following is an outline of some the different styles that you could contemplate.

Dutch-gabled roofing

This style of roofing is characterised by sloping sides, wide eaves and a peak that is gables. It is one of the more durable roofing styles that you could opt for as it has sturdy bracing. In addition to this, the gables provide your garage with enhanced ventilation, making it ideal if you have a living space directly beneath the roofing system such as a granny flat. One primary advantage of gabled roofing is that it is capable of withstanding a wide assortment of weather elements, making it suitable for a myriad of different climatic conditions. Moreover, it can be constructed using a myriad of building materials, which can help you in keeping your construction costs within budget.

It should be noted though that if you design your Dutch-gabled roofing to have numerous valleys and hips, it is advisable to opt for metal as your choice material as this will prevent pooling of water during prolonged periods of inclement weather. You should also keep in mind that the installation of gutters can prove difficult with this type of roofing, therefore, it would be best to seek materials that would be innately capable of promoting the flow of water away from your roof.

Mansard roofing

If you are looking for a more ornate roofing style that would boost the attractiveness of your garage, the mansard-roofing style would be an ideal choice. This type of roofing style is characterised by its French-inspired architecture, compromising of slopes that are in different angles. You could also consider the addition of dormers to this roofing as way to create visual interest on the roof.

It should be noted that mansard style of roofing is quite labour intensive to install due to the complex architecture as well as the numerous parts that need to be put together. Therefore, it tends to be pricier than conventional roofing. However, the pitched design of the roofing allows for extra space at the top level of your garage, making it great for homeowners who are seeking to extend this structure vertically to create a living space.