How to Repair Damaged Plasterboard Walls

14 February 2017
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If you have a plasterboard wall that has been damaged, it is possible to fix it yourself with a little DIY experience and know-how. Read on to find out how to repair a damaged plasterboard wall.

Everything that you need for this project can be sourced from your local buildings supplies retailer.

To fix a small, worn area of plasterboard

  1. Start by using a paintbrush to brush away any loose plaster from the damaged area. It's important to make sure that the area is left as dust-free as possible.  
  2. Make up some new plaster and bond it to the existing plasterboard by brushing the area and some of the surrounding wall with a solution of five parts water to one part PVA.  
  3. Take some of the ready-mixed plaster and fill the hole with it, pressing the new plaster firmly into place.  
  4. Use a plastering trowel to smooth the new plaster roughly level with the existing wall. Leave it until it begins to set.  
  5. While the plaster is still damp, smooth over it once again.  
  6. When the area is completely dry, go over it with sandpaper.

To repair a large hole in a plasterboard wall

  1. Find the studs on either side of the hole by using a stud detector, and measure the distance from the hole to the studs. Mark the centre of each stud by drawing vertical lines with a pencil.  
  2. Using a spirit level, join the vertical lines with horizontal ones to form a rectangle around the hole.  
  3. Cut away the damaged section, using the lines you've drawn for guidance.  
  4. Now fix horizontal wood supports to the studs above and below the hole. These noggins will make fixing points for screws.  
  5. Cut a section of plasterboard to fit the hole and screw it to the noggins with drywall screws.  
  6. Fix plasterboard joining tape along the edges of the repair, ensuring that you cover the corners.  
  7. Now apply a layer of plaster over the damage, making sure that all the scrim is covered.  
  8. Allow the plaster to dry completely and then sand it smooth.

You can repair damaged plasterboard by following the tips given above. If the damage is very severe or widespread, you may need to remove the whole sheet of plasterboard and fit a new piece. If you're not confident to do this job yourself, seek the advice and assistance of a professional decorating contractor to carry out the work for you.