Building Inspection Services: Everything You Ought To Know

23 February 2017
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Whether it's buying a new or an old building, it is essential to check the condition of the building prior to committing to the purchase. Most buyers only look at the positioning and general outlook of properties they are interested in buying and thus end up buying a property with various defects.

Hence, to avoid purchasing a building with severe defects, a buyer is obligated to procure building inspection services from a certified building inspection contractor.

•    The property is new or looks new. Why employ building inspection services?

Building inspection services are meant to provide a professional evaluation or assessment of a building conducted by a structural examiner (the building inspector).

Note that the kind of detailed inspection provided by a structural examiner far outweighs a buyer's inspection conducted via casually strolling through the property. 

A building inspector performs checks on every aspect of the building, including flooring, ceilings, doors and windows, fixtures, the attic and utility systems such as electrical and plumbing.

Even if a building is newly constructed, it is essential to hire building inspection services to make sure that everything is in sound condition before purchasing it. Additionally, the inspection should also get conducted before the auction of a property so that a bidder knows what they are bidding on.

•    Who should pay for the building inspection services?

In a property transaction, irrespective of whether you are the buyer or the seller, you should have a building inspection conducted on the property. Though building inspectors are unbiased, their reports tend to vary. Hence, it is important for both parties to procure different building inspection service providers.

For a buyer, the building inspection will give them a detail report on the current condition of the property, thus enabling them to decide whether or not it is a sound investment.

For sellers, conducting a building inspection on one's property before the sale is a sign of integrity and transparency to the buyer. Hence, by providing the purchaser with a building inspection report, the seller establishes a psychological edge in the transaction.

•    Important aspects to consider in the building report

Building inspection services primarily focus on the review of the following areas of a building.

a)    Ventilation. Poor ventilation can lead to the development of mold as a result of moisture accumulation.

b)    Plumbing. The state of the plumbing system needs to get checked for various issues such as leaks, faulty fixtures, and outdated piping systems that need to either get repaired or replaced.

c)    Structural aspects. In old buildings, structural damages are quite common due to gradual wear and tear over the years. Plumbing and poor maintenance of the building are some of the primary contributors to structural damage.

d)    Drainage. If the house has water damage resulting from drainage deficiencies as well as cracked walls, the building report will disclose all the repairs required.

e)    Roofing. The building report will provide a description of the roof's condition as well as recommendations on whether it is sustainable or needs to get redone.