Top Reasons to Consider Vinyl Cladding for Your Home

25 May 2017
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You need to be extra careful whenever you are thinking of having any additions to your home. This is because the additions will affect how aesthetically pleasing or even functional your home will be in terms of aspects such as energy efficiency. One thing you may have thought about adding to your home is cladding. Cladding comes in a variety of options, particularly in terms of the material. Stone, fibre-cement, wood, and vinyl are some of the common cladding materials. If you are looking for something to give you the highest value for your money, vinyl cladding is an ideal option to consider. Here's why.

Cost Effectiveness

Generally, vinyl cladding is a quite cost effective option and that's why it's revered by many homeowners. This type of cladding is usually cheaper than other cladding materials such as wood. Another aspect that makes vinyl cladding economical is ease of installation. The material is light and relatively easy to install as long as you follow the right procedure. Even if you don't install the cladding yourself (which would cut down your costs even further), you don't expect to be charged as much as you would if you were installing stone cladding for instance because vinyl cladding takes less time to install.


Vinyl cladding has a considerably long service life because of its ability to withstand harsh outdoor elements. Your vinyl cladding will withstand extreme weather conditions including heavy winds and excessive cold, heat, or moisture. All these are some of the conditions to which other cladding materials such as wood are susceptible.


Versatility is the other key benefit that comes with vinyl cladding. First, this cladding is available in multiple colour options. If you are looking to create an aesthetic statement by matching the colour of your cladding with the décor or style of your home, whether vintage or contemporary, vinyl cladding gives you countless and practical options to do this.

Vinyl cladding is also versatile in terms of compatibility with existing exteriors. With this cladding, there is no need to remove the already existing exteriors on your home during installation. Vinyl cladding will simply work well over the existing cladding. This can also save you some money in terms of retrofitting costs.

Low-Level Maintenance

Unlike wood cladding, for instance, vinyl cladding requires virtually no maintenance. This is basically because the cladding doesn't have to be refinished, repainted, or coated. Besides, since it's highly resistant to moisture damage, you don't have to worry about issues such as rotting and how to prevent it. All you may have to do is give your vinyl cladding an occasional hose down to keep it clean.