Are You Using the Right Bricks for Your Home?

21 September 2021
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Bricks are some of the most popular construction materials. They are energy-efficient, low maintenance, weatherproof, versatile in terms of colour, texture, and size, sustainable, long-lasting, etc. Therefore, if you are wondering what materials to use for your next new home, brick is an ideal option to consider. However, like most construction materials, not all bricks are the same. For this reason, finding the best bricks for your project will require careful consideration of several factors. Therefore, answering these crucial questions when purchasing bricks will help you find the right option.

What's The Appearance?

Bricks come in different sizes, shapes, colours and textures. And all these aspects can significantly affect your home's overall look. Therefore, it's crucial to decide on the appearance of the bricks before purchasing. Generally, larger bricks tend to create a better look. In addition, installing large bricks typically takes less time than smaller bricks. That's because fewer bricks are needed to complete each layer.

Bricks also come in different colours, which can significantly affect your home's overall kerb appeal. Generally, bricks have a reddish hue. However, you can get them in a range of other shades like brown, grey, white, yellow and a mixture of tones. Therefore, you have a range of options to work with; just make sure what you choose fits your overall style. To do this, you can consider the surroundings, your roofing, gutters, etc., and select a colour that matches such sections of your home perfectly.

What's Your Location?

Your location also matters a great deal when choosing bricks for your home. Generally, bricks come in different grades to suit various outdoor conditions. In most cases, you will find general-purpose bricks and exposure bricks in the markets. General-purpose bricks are perfect for use in most environmental conditions. On the other hand, if you live in a coastal region and other places likely to have salty water or soil, go for exposure-grade bricks. They are designed to resist salt attacks common in such conditions.

What About Mortar?

You are likely to overlook the mortar when purchasing bricks for your home. However, the mortar is equally essential and can significantly affect your home's overall look. Like brick, mortar comes in different types and colours. The colour of brick and your home's style will help you choose the correct mortar. For instance, if you have uniquely shaped dark coloured bricks and would like to highlight the specific style of each brick, you can go for the lighter-coloured mortar to create a distinct contrast.

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