4 Tips When Hiring A Builder

18 May 2022
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When hiring a builder, one of your concerns may be how to appraise their work. Given that you do not have any building and construction work expertise, you could be worried that the construction work could be overpriced or of poor quality. However, several precautions can help ensure that the construction work is of high quality. Continue reading for some insights. 

1. Create A Builders' Prequalification Criteria

Do not choose the first builder that you find. Instead, create a prequalification criterion that details the qualities of the builder you intend to work with. Proper licencing and membership in a professional association are vital considerations when hiring the builder. The builder should also have sufficient experience in constructing the proposed structure. Besides their portfolio, check customer reviews to ascertain their expertise. Finally, ensure the builder has liability insurance. 

2. Ask Several Builders To Submit Bids

It is difficult to tell how much the construction works will cost. Therefore, once you get the blueprints from your architect, ask a quantity surveyor to calculate the construction cost and quote the required materials. Consequently, send the blueprints to at least three of your prequalified contractors and ask them to bid for the project. If possible, their bids should include justifications. Review the proposals and choose a builder with a reasonable quote and high-quality services. 

3. Create A Construction Timetable

Ask your preferred builder to draw a building timetable. The document details every activity they will undertake, when and how long the process takes. You will use this timetable to track the builder's work. Should they fall off the track, they should have valid reasons and amend the timetable to incorporate the new conditions. For example, the building work could take longer due to poor weather, late deliveries or government directives. 

4. Negotiate the Engagement Contract to Your Favour

The engagement contract must address your interests. For example, it should have a guarantee clause that compels the builder to comply with the construction schedule. Besides, the builder should offer a warranty on the construction work. Moreover, the contract should compel the builder to hire an independent surveyor to appraise the construction work. The surveyor works in your favour since they stop construction work if it does not meet the required standard. Finally, the contract should propose a reasonable payment schedule. For instance, you could make payments once the builder completes a specific milestone.  

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