Heavy Machine Hire Tips

10 February 2023
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Heavy machine hire is a flexible and cost-effective alternative compared to purchasing these machines. It is especially so when you need the machine for a limited period. Unfortunately, most people make oversights as they hire heavy equipment. As a result, they incur additional expenses or get into disputes with the rental company. Below are some heavy machine hire FAQs to help you comprehend this process.

How Do You Choose Heavy Machines? 

The general principle is to assess your needs before approaching the rental company. This way, you have the specifications of the machine required at your site. For instance, examine the characteristics of the working area. Go for small machines when working in constricted spaces such as mining tunnels. On the other hand, go for rough terrain equipment when working on muddy or rocky terrain. What weights will the heavy machine handle? You should avoid overloading the machine. If you do, you become liable for repair costs if the hydraulic components suffer damages. As a best practice, the heavy machine should have a higher load limit than the items you need to lift or transport. 

Conduct due diligence to establish reliable and durable models on the market. Remember, the rented heavy machine will work for long hours since you want value for your money. Therefore, consider durable and well-maintained models. What are the machine's running costs? Consider fuel-efficient models to save on your operating capital. 

Are Heavy Machines Insured? 

Check whether the rental company insures its machines with a comprehensive insurance cover. It compensates the rental company and third parties injured during an accident. However, you could opt to take additional insurance, such as hired-in plant insurance. The cover compensates you if the rental company charges additional fees such as repairs. Moreover, the company could also claim compensation if the machine is stolen while at your site. This cover protects you from such claims. 

What Are The Heavy Machine Hire Conditions? 

You must examine the heavy machine hire conditions before paying your deposit. For instance, check whether the rental cost is for wet or dry hire. You have to pay operators and riggers if the company charges a dry hire rate. Moreover, assess whether the company restricts the movement of the rented equipment. For instance, some companies will require you to give notice if you plan to move heavy equipment such as excavators or bulldozers to another location. Remember to check whether the company offers free servicing and maintenance. Moreover, it should offer a replacement machine if the rental breaks down.  

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