2 Important Staircase Considerations For Your Second-Storey Extension project

2 October 2017
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Adding a second storey to a home is a popular choice for many Australians who want to extend their home. Going up instead of extending outwards gives you the benefits of extra living space without reducing the outdoor living space or garden areas of the home. If you're planning this type of home extension, then you've no doubt put a lot of time and consideration into the design and layout of the project. Read More 

Top Reasons to Consider Vinyl Cladding for Your Home

25 May 2017
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You need to be extra careful whenever you are thinking of having any additions to your home. This is because the additions will affect how aesthetically pleasing or even functional your home will be in terms of aspects such as energy efficiency. One thing you may have thought about adding to your home is cladding. Cladding comes in a variety of options, particularly in terms of the material. Stone, fibre-cement, wood, and vinyl are some of the common cladding materials. Read More 

3 Questions to Ask Your Bricklayer before Starting a Job

15 May 2017
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Bricklayers are called upon during construction jobs to oversee bricklaying jobs, such as external and internal walls, tunnel linings and chimney stacks among others. Your bricklayer may be in charge of your entire project, subcontracting other elements to specialized contractors (electricians, plumbers, concreters etc.), or you may decide to coordinate the different service providers yourself. In either case, knowing what questions to ask will help you get the best service from your bricklayer and his/her team. Read More 

Building Inspection Services: Everything You Ought To Know

23 February 2017
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Whether it's buying a new or an old building, it is essential to check the condition of the building prior to committing to the purchase. Most buyers only look at the positioning and general outlook of properties they are interested in buying and thus end up buying a property with various defects. Hence, to avoid purchasing a building with severe defects, a buyer is obligated to procure building inspection services from a certified building inspection contractor. Read More 

How to Repair Damaged Plasterboard Walls

14 February 2017
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If you have a plasterboard wall that has been damaged, it is possible to fix it yourself with a little DIY experience and know-how. Read on to find out how to repair a damaged plasterboard wall. Everything that you need for this project can be sourced from your local buildings supplies retailer. To fix a small, worn area of plasterboard Start by using a paintbrush to brush away any loose plaster from the damaged area. Read More